About I Fed One

The vision of I Fed One is to provide voluntarism and tangible assistance to specific target groups in need. If you have an inclination to help people but don't have a channel through which to accomplish this, I Fed One is an option.

Our Mission is to identify areas of need and create projects that will allow individuals and corporate entities to be involved in the systematic delivery of resources to meet the needs identified.
Our current project primarily constitutes the provision of food to the homeless however, we someday hope to extend our operations to other areas of need. We will continue to partner with other organizations, particularly to provide help on a larger scale so that, instead of only providing meals to the homeless, we will be able to take them off the streets and facilitate better care and self-development. If we can help them in this way, they just may be able to do the same for another someday.

Duplication is very important to us and so we never grow weary of seeing how our volunteers light up from the fulfilment they get from a simple act of selfless giving. We have volunteers who have been with us every year since we started in 2008 and the joy of giving has not wained; in fact, it is contagious. Join I Fed One and give what your heart tells you; we did and it is simply awesome!

I Fed One Foundation C/o Spurr Music Empire // 53 Upper Waterloo Road // Kingston 10 // Jamaica W.I.
Email: info@ifedone.org // Phone : (876) 630-9465
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